Smallholders seeds

The Problem


Smallholders lack access to improved seed varieties. They also lack access to techniques in selecting appropriate seeds, knowledge of the seeds processing and treatment system. In several cases they rely on unreliable seeds storage systems. This greatly hinders the ability of smallholders to effectively identify and grow high quality seeds which is most suited for their local environment and socio-economic conditions.



The Solution


We ensure that smallholders have access to improved seed varieties by distributing certified seed of improved, adapted crop varieties through their cooperatives societies and other community based seed systems. Using our rural radio broadcasting, we increase farmer awareness of the value of improved seed. Through Smallholders Seeds, we train and organize smallholders into seeds production associations, for appropriate seeds production, processing, treatment and storage to enable them have access to different varieties of seeds and select those most appropriate to their local environment and socio-economic conditions. Our focus crops, fruits and vegetables are maize, rice, cassava, beans, watermelon, pepper, onions, tomatoes, carrots, cabbages, cucumber and lettuce


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